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The Crashed President:
Ako po si Justin, ang liberal na bata na naghahanap ng ligaya, kalayaan,respeto at pagmamahal. Walang ipagmamalaking kahit ano.. Balang araw, gusto ko maging direktor, direktor na tatalakay sa mga isyu tungkol sa "sexualidad," "prostitusyon" at "buhay kontrabida," dahil pag pinaguusapan na iyong mga bagay na iyon sa industriyang sinehan, makikita at makukuhanan ko kung pano gumawa ng anak ang 2 taong nagmamahalan, hindi ba masaya iyon? pinagsabay na pera at kaligayahan? sobrang liberal ako at wala ka nang magagawa doon. salamat.

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summ3r l0vin!!

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-wala muna. :) super random ako-

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Ang lahat ng lalabas sa blog na ito, ay akin, ngunit kong may isinaad akong pinagkuhanan ng inpormasyon ay marahil kanila yoon. minsan ay mayroon ding mga salitang hindi naangkop sa mga bata, kaya ang gabay ng magulang ay kinakailangan din. hindi ko kailangan mag-adjust kung nababstusan kayo sa akin, dahil wala akong pakialam sa mga nababastusan o kung kahit sinong may bayolenteng reaksyon tungkol sa akin. malugod akong nagpapasalamat at binigyan mong oras na basahin ang kawalanghiyaang mga isinassad dito. nagbasa ka na rin lang, ay lulubos-lubosin ko na, gamitin ang comments sa ilalim ng araw ng titulo ng isang blog entry kung ikaw ay may nais ikomento tungkol sa isang post, gamitin ang tagboard sa pagbati at hindi sa pagkomento ng isang post, maraming-maraming salamat po, nawa'y ikaw'y masiyahan sa pakikialam sa aking magulo, antipatiko ngunit masayang buhay.

Just so you know..
miércoles, marzo 17, 2010
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I created a more formal blog...


FUCK YOU MULTIPLE CHOICE! FUCK YOU to a point you wont be able to get up!
jueves, noviembre 05, 2009
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In a multiple choice kind of question, there 5 choices, a 20% chance of getting the right answer. Those five choice though were pretty similar to each other to a point where you would be deifnitely confused of what to pick. FUCK YOU MULTIPLE CHOICE, FUCK YOU! YOU TOTALLY SCREW ME UP.

How could you be so heartless?
jueves, octubre 01, 2009
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Case: An average 1st year university student on a 2nd year elective class. Most of his classmates are already on their 2nd year or 3rd year in university and are already majoring on their chosen profession. He is clueless and left behind while in class, while everybody's understanding on the matter being discussed is clear enough for them. The frosh student also realize how superficial these business people are, attending socials for "networking" purposes, covering up their simplicity to belong, in other words, heartless. What does the freshman need to do?

Option 1: Drop the course. It's just an elective anyways. totally could take in next year.

Option2: try harder and harder until set goal is achieved.


Option3: Suck up the fact that your a frosh. be humble and just step up your game next year and shine. like you always do.

I took option 3. LOL. im too lazy, tired and stressed. Whatevs.


domingo, septiembre 27, 2009
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Und jeder wird sich von der tragodie erheben

And for you Jacque Bermejo.
Schadenfreude is not for everybody.


In order to get a Bachelor's degree.
miércoles, septiembre 23, 2009
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You need...

* A pocket full of determination
* Common sense
* Money


* Shot shot shot shot!SHOT-SHOT! shot shot shot!

psh. Finally! I've been adjusting, whining, complaining and bearing the new and improved system of education, well at least for me. So far, i feel that I could not bear it, I feel that everything is gibberish, I feel that i have to learn the university language right away or id be left out, sad it is but fuck that! Im gonna do this.

I almost.... ALMOST drop out of school when i realized how expensive it is. Add the scary thought that i might fail my subjects. UGH. everything is just so different. I guess everyone doesnt really want changes huh?


Changes and things.
sábado, septiembre 05, 2009
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At exactly 12 hours from now, we will be moving to another house. A new chapter for our life away from "home." I miss pinas, I miss tricycles, I miss san jose, i miss my batchmates and all those shiets. A lot has happened ever since i moved to this foreign land. including me and my maturity. I still remember arguing with my best-friend and english teacher of how I could and would sustain my childish beliefs and naive acts.

One reason I am kinda sad is i feel like i have been detaching myself from my family ever since i started working. No more 1-1 talks and movies with my mom or even bonding moments with my dad and borthers, well, we do that from time to time but it is not the same. If i were to make a scale of how often i see my parents, you would really see how much i miss them and never got the time to even be with them. All of us three works for a living and the only time we really get a hold of each other is when somebody arrives, greets and kiss the family member or the 2 meters away from each other while watching our favorite tv show. I guess absence makes love grow fonder. Im just happy and lucky enough that my family is still going strong amidst all of these bull.

At exactly 60 hours from now, I will be entering the halls of University of Manitoba. A lot has been saying that it is not the same as highschool anymore, less studying time and i need more focus. Add the fact that I am working part time, with late night shifts. Good thing I remain optimistic and my mind is set to hooking up and partying, graduating is just second on my priority list. LOL. im just kidding, of course I want to graduate. Fuck all those high tuition fees and over expensive books. Thank God for scholarships. :)

Justin's 1000 BFF
sábado, agosto 08, 2009
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So the 2nd season of Paris Hilton's my new BFF has ended. Hooray! I honestly enjoyed watching the series, drama served as one very good reason why I finished watching all episodes, not including hidden features for there was none. I actually find it stupid, and on tv, stupidity equals comic relief. Who would ever create a reality show just to replace her best friend who lie-lowed just to straighten up her life? chenan! none other than, the heiress to the 360 billion dollar Hilton treasures, Ms. Paris Hilton. LOL. i feel foolish saying that. haha. stupid it is. period.

How many bestfriends do I have? Honestly, I see the BEST in every friend I ever had, I may not look like that but yeaups, I could easily meet the BFF standards every person has on their checklist. And that's why I remain single. LOL. everybody thinks im such a BFF material that they would rather have me as a friend than a boyfriend, believe me, it has happened a couple of times. LOL.

I never talk to those guys ever again, why? coz i feel rejected which comes to a theory of mine. i believe that guys shouldnt be bestfriends, haha! we could be friends! :) just not bestfriends. geebuz, i sounded like Paris Hilton for a moment there. anyway, which made me think again, who would be my best man on my wedding day? not my brothers, i dont even see my family attending a gay wedding. haha. i was planning to spice it up and make my best man a girl, replacing the traditionally called best man into a best flower girl. that way i could save money. LOL.

i find this non sense. I bet some of you can't even find this.